Angelica R Bergman

Working normally as an IT consultant in SharePoint, building intranets for different types of customers across different types of industries, which makes my job all the more varied.

Love meeting people .

If you like what you see and want to have your own page in Wix, go in and look at the course I created for the Moderskeppet here .




Eskilstuna Beer Culture - "What's forgotten in the dark

University of Gothenburg course FO163 - "The mine and the worker" (digital slideshow)


Marys Cafe - What's forgotten in the dark

Art of Mine - Colors and Photos (shared exhibition with 5 other artists)



FO163 "Digital Photography" (15 points) at the University of Gothenburg in summer 2018

The philosophy of photography (7.5 points) Karlstad University in the spring of 2019

Portrait photography with a light source Studio Pi autumn 2019


Photo Project

Currently working on "The mine and the worker" as the original plan was never completed this summer. At the same time, I collect photos for a couple of other photo projects.


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